THIS is America

Currently sitting in JFK, working on an inordinate amount of airport-overpriced McDonald’s (I don’t think calories count before you move to a foreign country though?). It’s getting close to midnight here, and less than two hours until I’m wheels up to Guyana. It’s been a busy last couple of days, staging in Philly, with another long day of travel tomorrow once we touch down in country sometime in the early morning.

Anyways, being on the brink of leaving America for a couple years has me thinking a lot about America. If the news is any indication, we’re going down the tubes– and they’re nice enough to provide pre-made enemies to target your indignation at! (Although I’ve yet to figure out how Democrats, Republicans, Christians, and Atheists are all concurrently destroying the republic).

These past couple of days though, I’ve gotten to meet and know the 37 other volunteers in my cohort, and have come to realize, despite what Childish Gambino may say, that THIS is America, this group of people of diverse race, gender, and background who have come together to serve. Not that I have any idealistic views about changing the world through my service (I won’t, and that’s not even the point of the whole thing). I just believe that, in the words of Bill Clinton, “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

So excited to serve. The values that have made America always great, the “courage, imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand” are alive and well.

IMG-20180610-WA0000(taken shortly before we ran back to the hotel through pouring rain)

Enough nighttime rambling from me. Next post from Guyana!

T minus 10 days

Those of you that know me well know that procrastination is one of my strongest traits. I figured it was time to put off procrastinating making this blog, so I’m making it as a way to procrastinate all the packing I haven’t done yet.

This blog will be my way of letting people know what’s going on with me in the jungle. I’ll post photos, stories, and updates as often as I can. Before I jump on a plane next week, I answered some questions below that everyone’s been asking me:

  • When are you leaving for Africa?

Not for the next couple years at least! While Ghana and Guinea sound like wonderful places that I’d love to visit, I’m headed to Guyana, on the northern coast of South America. I’ll be stepping foot in country bright and early on the morning of June 12th for two months of training before I head to my site.

  • How can I stay in touch with you in Africa South America?

I’ll have access to internet sometimes (but very sporadically and not reliably at all), so you can Email/Facebook/Whatever me but chances are I won’t see it for a hot minute. If you want to break out the old pen and paper though (and drop a buck on an international stamp), I’d appreciate all the postcards/letters you’d like to send. Here’s my address while I’m in training from now to the middle of August, I’ll be getting a new one when I move to my site and I’ll post it then:

Adam Brasher, GUY 31
U.S. Peace Corps Guyana c/o United States Embassy
100 Young & Duke Streets, Kingston
Georgetown, Guyana

  • What will you be doing in Guyana?

I’ll be serving as an environmental volunteer in an indigenous community in the interior of the country. I’ll be helping teach the national science curriculum in a local primary school four days a week, heading up a wild club for local youth, and working with the community on ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change. All this along with any other projects myself and the community come up with along the way!

  • How can I support you?

Everyone I know has been so supportive and great, but materially-wise I’m trying to cut down 22 years worth of stuff into 3 bags, and monetarily-wise, Uncle Sam’s tax dollars support me while I’m there, so I’m really all set. That being said, I’d very much appreciate all the thoughts/prayers/karma/whatever universe ju-ju you believe in that you’d like to throw my way!