My Reading List

One of the very Guyanese phrases that I’ve come to love since I’ve been here is “just now.” When you tell someone that something is happening “just now,” that means that it could be happening in half an hour, later in the afternoon, tomorrow, next month, never…. who really knows? It really belies a lot of the Guyanese attitudes of flexibility and laid back-ness, which I love.

That to say, I’m excited for the change in the pace of life that comes with being in a new culture like this one. I’m looking forward to the chance not only to do the work I’m here to do, but also to grow as a person and do things I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had time for back in the States.

One of those things is to pick up all the reading that didn’t happen over the last few years. My goal is 60 books I’ve the 27 months I’m here in country. Since the best way to make sure you do something is make it public, I’ve made a page here on my blog for my reading list.

Also, if you have any recommendations for books I should read (anywhere on the book spectrum from life-changing to just plain fun) please let me know!


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