Core Expectation #3

“Serve where Peace Corps asks you to go, under conditions of hardship if necessary, with the flexibility needed for effective service.” (a little ominous, right?)

What a first three weeks in country. It feels like half a lifetime ago already that we stepped out on the rainy tarmac at the airport. Part of that is how busy it’s been, between a full day of training each weekday, integrating into my training host community, learning how to fit into an entirely different culture, and my first battles with gastrointestinal issues (another post on all those things soon when I have time).

Anyway, part of the first few weeks of training is the staff learning our personality/strengths/likes/etc in order to decide where we’ll spend the next 2 years of our life after swearing-in in August. No pressure or anything. In the past, they’ve waited until several weeks into training to reveal sites, so it was a sweet relief that this past Friday the staff went ahead and let us know where we’re headed.

(happy faces for no more waiting)

Peace Corps has asked me to serve in Guyana’s Region 2 (Pomeroon-Supenaam), the same region we’re doing our training in right now! I’ll be in a riverine (no roads within 35 miles) indigenous Amerindian community teaching at the local primary school. Electricity via solar and generator, well water, and cell service (to some yet-to-be-determined extent). I’m so stoked.

(das me)

Last note before I sign off, I have a new Guyanese number: +592 691 6217. WhatsApp me if you want to get in touch! I’ll post more soon about everything that’s happened in the past month.

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